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Image Centric Media Company monetizes photography by actually selling products rather than selling images to those who create advertising campaigns for the merchants that sell the products. Our story is one of eliminating obstactles to a successful photography business.

This is one of the most visited art education websites in the world - and growing. The content of I-C-Mosaics.com is entirely original, produced by I C Media, and comprised of how-to videos, how-to blog articles, and inspiring images of mosaics found around the world. It is monetized by advertising which gets very high click-through-rates.

Skeew.biz is an e-commerce business. The company produces and sells proprietary and curated products that enhance the creativity of mosaic artists and crafters. Skeew has customers in about 25 countries. In its beginning all of Skeew's visitors came from its advertisements on I C Mosaics. Now it has returning customers, an email list, and fantastic word of mouth referrals.

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